Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sneak Preview - Karen Overton Designs

Karen's jewelry will be worn with Nadia Nour designs

1. ANGEL Drive Train Necklace, a deconstructed derrailleur cage and cassette lock ring are strung an a chain made from Campagnolo links. $50
Link Earrings, four Campagnolo links are strung together. $20

2. CHRISTINA Valve Core Sunburst Necklace, long and short valve cores arranged on a headset retainer for a burst of metallica. $50
Valve Core Earrings, long and short valve cores arranged on half of a headset retainer to match the necklace. $25
Bracelets, single bracelets constructed from reused chain links and rollers are worn together to mix textures and metals. $15 each

3. ASHLEA Campagnolo Cog Necklace, a high performance Italian cassette cog recycled into a pendant and strung on an elegant silver chain. $60
Valve Hoops, valve cores dangle inside headset spacers for an intersting mix of steel, aluminum and brass. $20
Chain Link Mail Bracelet, two rows of single chain links connected with jump rings complete the set. $30

4. VALERIE Chain Roller Earrings, seven steel chain rollers dangle to create a simple but stunning to modern look. $20
Chain Roller Bracelet, matching chain rollers strung together. $15
Anklet, green annodized spoke nipples dangle from the ankle to put jangle in your walk. $25

5. ANYA Fire Ball Necklace, brown chain links interspersed with large red jasper and touches of red and orange horn. $40. Fire Ball Earrings, brown chain links strung with red and orange horn. $20
Chain Link Bracelets, serveral brown chain links worn together. $15 each

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