Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Christine Haber: LinDon Habes designs

For those who attended the fashion show, designer Christine Haber was missing from the program. Her line was modeled by adults, kids and babies. Her line can be purchased @ www.myspace.com/lindonhabes, Etsy. or at Candy Plum boutique. Her line is called LinDon Habes.

1) DANA Organic silk screened top with recycled silk screened jeans and recycled jewelery. Top- $38.00 Jeans-$52.00 Jewelery-price upon request.

2) KIM Organic silk screened dress with recycled jewelery. Dress-$55.00 Jewelery-price upon request.

3) EVA Organic silk screened top with recycled silk screened shorts. Top-$38.00.

4) EVAN AND CILLIAN Organic silk screened onesie and organic silk screened toddler tee. Onesie-$38.00 T-shirt-$30.

5) CHRISTINE Organic silk screened Green Tee, with recycled jeans and recycled jewelery. T-shirt $40 Jeans-$52 Jewelery-price upon request.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Our RSVP List is Full

We have received overwhelming response to our Queens is Green Fashion Show! Space is limited, so only those who RSVP'd will be seated -- on a first come-first served basis. If you RSVPd but will not be attending, please call 646-202-0825 immediately. Thank you!

The Queens Courier ran a great article on our show: Designers to display eco-fashion in LIC

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sneak Preview - Ciara Couture

Designer: Ciara Elend

No not that ghetto. The Ghetto on Broadway. Taken from an 1890s Broadway poster. Shown in Mushroom. Also available in Moss. Retail Price $65

A stylish hobo tote with handy inner pocket. Soft cotton cords are used as handles. Each bag is slightly different depending on paint drips, splats, etc.

A part of this design comes from a vintage Eastern-simple match- box label that had a woodblock print of two bikers and a girl. The girl on the back of the bike is just so fabulous. Shown in Blush. Also available in Turquoise. Retail Price $65

This mini newspaper bag is made out of my old canvas drop cloths. Each bag is slightly different depending on paint drips, splats, etc. This design is based on those big newspaper bags that newspaper couriers use.

3. SPRING A cute heart necklace I got at Candy Plum inspired me to create this shirt for Spring. Available in Moss. Retail Price $65

4. BAD APPLES When I saw a photo of a NYC handmade vendor sign, I had to make this BAD APPLES design out of it. I love signs that are drawn by hand, not by computer. Grocer’s signs inspire me. Shown in Turquoise. Also available in Blush. Retail Price $65

5. BLOCK PRINT Hand-carved block print. How could I not do a shirt like this? It’s actually one of my favorite designs. Available in Black. Retail Price $65

Sneak Preview - Kirstinflo Designs

Designer: Kiri Thompson
Kiri's handbags and Tisha's jewelry will be shown at the same time

1. THE SCHOOL BAG: Tablecloth from Wisconsin, vintage strap. $150
2. THE GRANDMA BAG: Fabric from Minnesota. Jute strap. $150
3. THE BEACH BAG: Tablecloth from Arkansas. Jute strap. $150
4. THE GOODNIGHT MOON BAG: Tablecloth from Nebraska, vintage strap. $150
5. THE GROOVY BLUE BAG: Fabric from New York, canvas strap. $150

Each one-of-a-kind, completely hand-made, and available through kirstinflo.com.

Sneak Preview - Inkblot Kelly

Designer: Robyn Kelly

Peut-etre Dress- 100 % re-used, re-purposed silk.- 110$

2 VANESSA Re-purposed silk tie-top,-55$ and cotton Jersey Capri leggings-28$

3 MARK One-world- Jumpsuit made from my favorite old enviro-camp t-shirt and another re-purposed t. -75$

4 TISHA Blue Caftan- 100% re-purposed. -85$ re-used re-fabed leggings 35$

5 RACHEL Street wear: recycled t, hand dyed and printed.- 30$ Re-fabed Hoody -50, re-vamped and dyed Jeans- 65$, Jean jacket with hand oil-painted patch 150$, re-fabed hat- 20$

All Handmade, of a kind Items can be purchased online @ Inkblotkelly.etsy.com
Contact Robyn directly at Robynhh@gmail.com
She accepts commissions in all sizes and styles.

Or at AUH20 84 E 7th St. NY, NY
T-shirts in different sizes at Calabash in Brooklyn
If your going to France(!) at Boite a Caprices, Montmartre, Paris

Sneak Preview - Nadia Nour Designs

1) ANGEL is wearing the organic color-grown cotton, gingham striped, button-up dress with angular patch pockets. $410

2) CHRISTINA is wearing the organic color-grown cotton kimono-style boyfriend shirt with stand collar and convertible sash worn with the high-waisted A-line mini skirt with ruched waistband and over-sized pockets. Skirt: $360

3) ASHLEA is wearing the organic color-grown cotton boat neck pullover with the organic cotton pencil skirt with inset pleated panel.

4) VALERIE is wearing the high-waisted draped peg skirt made from a vintage tree bark print fabric with the rust silk blouse with freeform jabot, covered buttons, and contrast stitching. Blouse: $270 Skirt: $240

5) ANYA is wearing the multi-directional striped dress with pleated skirt made with fabric from the 1940’s.

*All priced items are available locally from the following retailers:

Bond 07: 7 Bond Street, NYC, 212 677 8487

Tahir Boutique: 75 Orchard St, NYC, 212 255 2121

Flirt: 93 Fifth Ave, Park Slope, Brooklyn, 718 783 0364

Sneak Preview - Karen Overton Designs

Karen's jewelry will be worn with Nadia Nour designs

1. ANGEL Drive Train Necklace, a deconstructed derrailleur cage and cassette lock ring are strung an a chain made from Campagnolo links. $50
Link Earrings, four Campagnolo links are strung together. $20

2. CHRISTINA Valve Core Sunburst Necklace, long and short valve cores arranged on a headset retainer for a burst of metallica. $50
Valve Core Earrings, long and short valve cores arranged on half of a headset retainer to match the necklace. $25
Bracelets, single bracelets constructed from reused chain links and rollers are worn together to mix textures and metals. $15 each

3. ASHLEA Campagnolo Cog Necklace, a high performance Italian cassette cog recycled into a pendant and strung on an elegant silver chain. $60
Valve Hoops, valve cores dangle inside headset spacers for an intersting mix of steel, aluminum and brass. $20
Chain Link Mail Bracelet, two rows of single chain links connected with jump rings complete the set. $30

4. VALERIE Chain Roller Earrings, seven steel chain rollers dangle to create a simple but stunning to modern look. $20
Chain Roller Bracelet, matching chain rollers strung together. $15
Anklet, green annodized spoke nipples dangle from the ankle to put jangle in your walk. $25

5. ANYA Fire Ball Necklace, brown chain links interspersed with large red jasper and touches of red and orange horn. $40. Fire Ball Earrings, brown chain links strung with red and orange horn. $20
Chain Link Bracelets, serveral brown chain links worn together. $15 each

Sneak Preview - Voisard 3Design

Designer: Joel Voisard

Jewelry Line #1-Red Light District
Description-Line composed of reclaimed manufacturing parts. Notably control room lamps from the 1950s.
Price-$50 for individual pieces, $125 for the set of 3 (2 Necklaces, 1 Bracelet)

Jewelry Line #2-Slate Knobs
Description-Line composed of reclaimed manufacturing parts. Notably knobs from a 1970s Japanese company.
Price-$50 for individual pieces, $125 for the set of 3 (1 Necklace, 1 Bracelet, 1 Pair of Earrings)

Jewelry Line #3-Orange Spacer
Description-Line composed of reclaimed manufacturing parts. Notably orange rubber banded spacers used in cash registers and control room lamps.
Price-$50 for individual pieces, $125 for the set of 3 (1 Necklace, 1 Bracelet, 1 Ring)

Jewelry Line #4-Coming Up Roses
Description-Line composed of reclaimed fabric scraps and hardware.
Price-$75 for Necklace, $25 for bracelet

Purchasing- Subdivision Art, On-line @ www.voisard3design.com

Sneak Preview - Dani Starre / Maxie and Tuffy

Designer: Danielle Luscombe

1. ASHLEA Raspberry Stripe Tunic with contrast Sky Stripe sleeves. 100% Organic Cotton 1x1 Rib Knit

2. HEATHER Oversize Tank Dress with Natural Colorgrown Organic Stripe Band at the bottom. 100% Organic Cotton Medium weight Jersey

3. STELLA Raspberry Stripe Puff Sleeve Dress and carrying a "Meba", an organic cotton, hand made toy. 100% Organic Cotton 1x1 Rib Knit

4. DANIELLE Night Sky and Black Stripe Dress with Natural Racer stripes down arms. 100% Organic Cotton 1x1 Rib Knit

5. ANYA Society Stripe Kimono Dress with Sash at waist. 100% Organic Cotton 1x1 Rib Knit

Danielle Luscombe makes clothing out of 100% Organic Cotton fabrics. She sells her line called "Dani Starre" to Subdivision in LIC, and Mini Mini Market in Williamsburg Brooklyn. She also makes a children's line called "Maxie and Tuffy" which she also sells at Subdivision. You can find her handmade toys at Art-o-mat in LIC.

After attending F.I.T.
Danielle found herself working as a professional Fashion Designer in NYC, and making her own clothing line at home. She has an art studio at Crane Street Studios in LIC. You can find her there making her one of a kind fashions.

Sneak Preview - astridland

astridland: eco-friendly and sustainable dresses, jewelry and handbags

astridland is available at Subdivision, Tahir Boutique, Ouvrez La Porte, Hermitage and astridland.etsy.com

1. VANESSA Silk Chiffon Scarf Wrap Dress in an abstract floral print is fully lined in a cotton/silk blend and can be tied multiple ways. The chain necklace is a draped sterling silver.

2. ROWTHANIA Vibrant polyester knit in a Floral Print Angel Dress worn with a brass chain necklace recycled from a vintage piece and an asymmetrical oversized clutch made from eco-friendly faux leather.

3. VANESSA Brown and blue organic cotton print cowl neck dress with diamond insets at the waist worn with natural robles wood bead necklaces and an eco-friendly ultra suede tote bag.

4. ROWTHANIA Green, pink and blue striped Tencel® Knit Striped Dress has an organic cotton knit lining and belt out of the same fabric and an astridland repurposed green chain and turquoise pendant necklace.

5. VANESSA Repurposed Green Tea Cotton Knit Dress that Astrid has re-draped and re-designed. Vanessa is wearing a vintage brass teacup pendant necklace.

Price List: show prices valid on day of show only
. For wholesale orders please e-mail astrid3d@mac.com

Sustainable shoes by TERRA PLANA
Terra Plana uses a variety of eco-friendly materials including: Chrome free leathers, vegetable tanned leathers, recycled materials, pure latex soling materials, recycled rubber soles and recycled foam foot beds.
For more information see: www.terraplana.com

Sneak Preview - LinDon Habes

Designer: Christine Haber

1) DANA Organic silk screened top with recycled silk screened jeans and recycled jewelery. Top- $38.00 Jeans-$52.00 Jewelery-price upon request.

2) KIM Organic silk screened dress with recycled jewelery. Dress-$55.00 Jewelery-price upon request.

3) EVA Organic silk screened top with recycled silk screened shorts. Top-$38.00.

4) EVAN AND CILLIAN Organic silk screened onesie and organic silk screened toddler tee. Onesie-$38.00 T-shirt-$30.

5) CHRISTINE Organic silk screened Green Tee, with recycled jeans and recycled jewelery. T-shirt $40 Jeans-$52 Jewelery-price upon request.

Can be purchased @ www.myspace.com/lindonhabes, Etsy. or at Candy Plum boutique.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Meet Our Co-Sponsors

The Queens is Green Fashion Show is co-sponsored by:

Green Space Studio: Valerie Green and Dance Entropy, Inc., opened Green Space in November 2005. Green Space's mission is to serve the Queens and general dance community by providing an affordable and welcoming environment for rehearsals, classes, and performances.

Subdivision: Subdivision is located at 48-41 Vernon Blvd in LIC. Unique in its support of the arts. The role of the space is two-fold: it is both a gallery and a boutique. The boutique supports and promotes the work of independent designers.

LoveDay31: LoveDay31 is located at 33-06 31st Avenue in Astoria. They offer great vintage clothes for men and women including an array of one-of-a-kind accessories.

Candy Plum: Candy Plum is located at 30-98 36th Street in Astoria. This tiny consignment shop packs every inch with women's clothing, jewelry and bags made by independent designers.

Ethereal: Ethereal is located R 47-38 Vernon Blvd in LIC. They are a women's boutique and unique home furnishing store offering eco-friendly lines and products. They also carry products for men, children and babies.

Ins&Outs Magazine: Ins&Outs magazine proudly supports and promotes the arts, education and small businesses. From a young, talented artist to a local restaurant, they deeply care about their futures, because that’s the future of Long Island City.

Green Institute: The Green Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan organization. The Green Institute is a center for research and policy based on the global values of the Green movement: nonviolence, grassroots democracy, social justice and sustainability.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Meet Our Judges

A panel of three judges will choose the winner of the first annual "Queens is Green Fashion Show" based on how good the clothes look and how green they are. The winning designer will receive $250 and be featured in the summer edition of Ins&Outs Magazine. Our panel includes:
  • Terry Adams is President of the Hunters Point Community Development Corporation where she fought successfully to bring a GreenMarket to LIC. Terry is a graduate of FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology)
  • Robyn Sklar designs and sells hats under the label UR1Handmade. Robyn was the Green Party candidate for City Council District 26 (2005)
  • Beata Spzura is a professor of Fashion Illustration at Parsons The New School for Design. Her clients include Adweek, AT&T, Boston Globe, The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, New York Magazine, The New Yorker, Seventeen, Town & Country, The Wall Street Journal and Cosmopolitan

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Meet Our Designers

Designer: Astrid Brucker
astridland is an eco-friendly fashion line sold at Subdivision in Long Island City. astridland uses natural materials and recycles vintage items. astridland jewelry, bags and clothes are all handmade and produced locally in New York City and Queens. To see her collection, visit http://www.astridland.com

Designer: Christine Cullinane-Haber
Christine is a designer/artist who has been living in Astoria for the past nine years. She went to school at F.I.T. for antique restoration and, while there, studied silk screening as well. Now, she has her own clothing label with designs for women, children and babies: LinDon Habes.

Designer: Ciara Elend
Ciara is a graphic artist and owner of a graphic t-shirt line in Sunnyside. Her American made graphic tees fuse unique modern graphics with old-school block printing techniques. Each design is carved into a linoleum block to produce a distinct vintage style print. Ciara's Queensbound line offers Queens-inspired graphic tees for men and women, and a portion of the proceeds go to Queens organizations that support the arts and artists working in Queens. To see her collection, visit http://www.ciaraelend.com

Designer: Danielle Luscombe
Danielle lives in Long Island City and has an art studio in Crane Street Studios. Danielle creates clothing for children and adults, and wants to make eco-friendly garments that have a little fashion flair.

Designer: Joel Voisard
Joel is a designer living and working in Long Island City. His
work consists of re-purposed found objects. Manacles, his current jewelry line, centers on parts spanning the 1920's to the 1970's. They include fixtures, lamps, even old stereo knobs. By reinvigorating these old parts, the jewelry finishes with a polished, yet vintage feel.

Designer: Karen Overton
Karen works for Partnerships for Parks at ARROW Community Center as the coordinator for the Astoria/LIC Catalyst Project. Karen's jewerly is made from recycled bicycle parts.

Designer: Kiri Thompson
Kiri lives in Astoria. She makes tote bags from vintage tablecloths and vintage fabrics from many different sources. She incorporates other vintage and thrifted trims and linings as much as possible. Her spare website can be found here: www.kirstinflo.com

Designer: Nadia Nour
Nadia is a Long Island City based fashion designer with an eco-conscious contemporary clothing line: Nadia Nour. Her line is produced in NYC using all natural and select organic textiles. To see her collection, visit

Designer: Robyn Kelly
Robyn makes Imperfectionist Gear: one of a kind handmade from recycled and eco-conscious materials. Robyn used to live in Rego Park and often visits her favorite restaurant, Q, in Forest Hills.

Designer: Sasha (Alex) Vetrov
Sasha works part-time in an alteration shop in Astoria and has a line called JUNKSTAR. All items are handmade from old pure cotton t-shirts, mixing colors in different ways.

Designer: Tisha Brown
Tisha is a jewelry designer who
carefully handcrafts earrings from reclaimed leather in harmony with other organic and recycled materials. Using vintage or reclaimed materials means all pieces are unique and colors are only available while supplies last. Her current line, Rebel Chic, consists of two earring styles and is sold at LoveDay 31 in Astoria. To see her collection, visit http://www.rebelchicnyc.com