Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Meet Our Designers

Designer: Astrid Brucker
astridland is an eco-friendly fashion line sold at Subdivision in Long Island City. astridland uses natural materials and recycles vintage items. astridland jewelry, bags and clothes are all handmade and produced locally in New York City and Queens. To see her collection, visit http://www.astridland.com

Designer: Christine Cullinane-Haber
Christine is a designer/artist who has been living in Astoria for the past nine years. She went to school at F.I.T. for antique restoration and, while there, studied silk screening as well. Now, she has her own clothing label with designs for women, children and babies: LinDon Habes.

Designer: Ciara Elend
Ciara is a graphic artist and owner of a graphic t-shirt line in Sunnyside. Her American made graphic tees fuse unique modern graphics with old-school block printing techniques. Each design is carved into a linoleum block to produce a distinct vintage style print. Ciara's Queensbound line offers Queens-inspired graphic tees for men and women, and a portion of the proceeds go to Queens organizations that support the arts and artists working in Queens. To see her collection, visit http://www.ciaraelend.com

Designer: Danielle Luscombe
Danielle lives in Long Island City and has an art studio in Crane Street Studios. Danielle creates clothing for children and adults, and wants to make eco-friendly garments that have a little fashion flair.

Designer: Joel Voisard
Joel is a designer living and working in Long Island City. His
work consists of re-purposed found objects. Manacles, his current jewelry line, centers on parts spanning the 1920's to the 1970's. They include fixtures, lamps, even old stereo knobs. By reinvigorating these old parts, the jewelry finishes with a polished, yet vintage feel.

Designer: Karen Overton
Karen works for Partnerships for Parks at ARROW Community Center as the coordinator for the Astoria/LIC Catalyst Project. Karen's jewerly is made from recycled bicycle parts.

Designer: Kiri Thompson
Kiri lives in Astoria. She makes tote bags from vintage tablecloths and vintage fabrics from many different sources. She incorporates other vintage and thrifted trims and linings as much as possible. Her spare website can be found here: www.kirstinflo.com

Designer: Nadia Nour
Nadia is a Long Island City based fashion designer with an eco-conscious contemporary clothing line: Nadia Nour. Her line is produced in NYC using all natural and select organic textiles. To see her collection, visit

Designer: Robyn Kelly
Robyn makes Imperfectionist Gear: one of a kind handmade from recycled and eco-conscious materials. Robyn used to live in Rego Park and often visits her favorite restaurant, Q, in Forest Hills.

Designer: Sasha (Alex) Vetrov
Sasha works part-time in an alteration shop in Astoria and has a line called JUNKSTAR. All items are handmade from old pure cotton t-shirts, mixing colors in different ways.

Designer: Tisha Brown
Tisha is a jewelry designer who
carefully handcrafts earrings from reclaimed leather in harmony with other organic and recycled materials. Using vintage or reclaimed materials means all pieces are unique and colors are only available while supplies last. Her current line, Rebel Chic, consists of two earring styles and is sold at LoveDay 31 in Astoria. To see her collection, visit http://www.rebelchicnyc.com

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