Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sneak Preview - Inkblot Kelly

Designer: Robyn Kelly

Peut-etre Dress- 100 % re-used, re-purposed silk.- 110$

2 VANESSA Re-purposed silk tie-top,-55$ and cotton Jersey Capri leggings-28$

3 MARK One-world- Jumpsuit made from my favorite old enviro-camp t-shirt and another re-purposed t. -75$

4 TISHA Blue Caftan- 100% re-purposed. -85$ re-used re-fabed leggings 35$

5 RACHEL Street wear: recycled t, hand dyed and printed.- 30$ Re-fabed Hoody -50, re-vamped and dyed Jeans- 65$, Jean jacket with hand oil-painted patch 150$, re-fabed hat- 20$

All Handmade, of a kind Items can be purchased online @ Inkblotkelly.etsy.com
Contact Robyn directly at Robynhh@gmail.com
She accepts commissions in all sizes and styles.

Or at AUH20 84 E 7th St. NY, NY
T-shirts in different sizes at Calabash in Brooklyn
If your going to France(!) at Boite a Caprices, Montmartre, Paris

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